Audio is one of the most important portion of production. It is important to have a quality pa and equipment for your event. We take pride in offering a wide variety of sound solutions for all types of budgets. From your small parking lot event to your large outdoor festival. We offer a solution that is right for you and your budget. We offer a wide range of equipment to meet most artist’s needs. Some of the brands we carry are, D&B Audiotechnic, Electrovoice, Shure, QSC, Sennheiser, Midas, Yamaha, and Avid.


Lighting is always growing and changing with technology advancements. Our goal is to provide our clients with lighting that fits their needs and budgets. We offer a wide line of lights for all the top manufactures, Var-lite, Martn, Elation, ETC and More. Call us today to discuss how lighting can make an impact on your event.


We are one of the largest providers of stick roofs in the area. We have multipule different roofs to choose from to meet any events requirements from the small one band show to the large multi band events. Please take a moment to look at our options we provide.

  • Load Bearing 65X45 Roof

    Load Capacity 35k+
    Setup Time 12+ hours

  • James Thomas 60X40 Peaked Roof

    Load Capacity 10k+
    Setup time 6-8hours

  • James Thomas 40X40 Peaked Roof

    Load Capacity 8k+
    Setup Time 4-6hours

  • James Thomas 32X28 Shade Top Roof

    Load Capacity 6k+
    Setup Time 2-3 hours

  • Fly Bay Add On for any roof

    Capacity up to 6k per side
    Endless options


Rigging is an important part of any show. We have a large inventory of rigging supplies to meet your show’s needs. We offer chain hoist from CM in the 2, 1, ½ and ¼ ton options. We have a lot of different control options to meet your needs. All motors are serviced in house by CM trained technicians. In addition to motors we offer a wide range of trussing to make any idea a reality. We are proud to offer truss from Tyler Truss and James Thomas/Tomcat.


We offer a large selection of staging components to meet any show’s needs. We can build on any surface and on most grades. We have stage heights that range from 6in to 8ft. Safety is always a priority we have hand rail and toe board for all our stages. Please talk with a staging expert today about what options we have for your event.



The newest addition to our list of services is video. We are proud to be a Shawnee LED house. Supplying all of our events with cost effective video solutions. We have both trailer mounted and flyable video wall solutions that can meet any venue or artist’s needs. We are constantly updating our LED panels to make sure we have the best image anywhere. Please contact us today to learn how video can add revenue to your event.

Video info 2
video info

Crowd Control

Keeping the artist safe is at the top of everybody’s priority list. We have a large selection of both blow through concert barricade and bike rack. All of our barricade solutions are black in color to give your event a clean look. Our barricade is custom built for us and has the ability to curve or bend at any angle around obstacles giving us a step up on the competition as all of our pieces are universal no special pieces. Our barricade also comes with optional steps to give security a little lift for larger events.


Trucks info

Getting to the show on time is important. We have a fleet of truck ready to tackle any challenge. We have been hauling shows and tour for over 30 years. We have a proven track record of being on time and professional at all times. We have a great safety record, we make sure all drivers can pass a drug test. Call us today to see how we can cut your cost for transportation.